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What’s the Big Deal About Gum Disease?

So you’re brushing your teeth and notice some blood on your toothbrush. Or maybe you’ve recently noted receding gums or a change […]

I Brush My Teeth Daily –– Why Do I Need a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Good oral hygiene usually starts at home with habits that are impressed upon you as a child, such as brushing your teeth […]

Invisalign vs Traditional Braces: Which is Better?

When it comes to straighter teeth, there is a bevy of options out there that promise to correct your smile and align […]

What to Do if Your Child Hates the Dentist

A dentist’s office can be a scary place for anyone, especially a child, considering the noisy and large equipment, oral procedures and […]

Help! I Chipped, Cracked or Broke a Tooth Playing Sports in Cary, NC

While sports are a great way to stay active and healthy, they can be dangerous to your oral health if you don’t […]

Protect Your Child’s Teeth On & Off the Field

Kids will be kids –– and sometimes that means sliding into home plate, blocking a goal, perfecting a pirouette, or breaking/knocking out […]

How is My Medicine Giving Me Dry Mouth?

While taking prescribed medication can have many benefits, it also may have some downfalls in the form of negative side effects. Side […]

Whiten Your Teeth for Wedding Season

Whether you’re the bride, groom, a member of the bridal party, a groomsman, or a wedding attendant, you want your smile to […]

I Think I Have a Cavity –– What Do I Do Now?

While preventable, cavities are one of the top causes of toothaches and tooth pain, especially in children. Cavities are the result of […]

When Should I See a Dentist for My Toothache?

Tooth pain can come and go for lots of people –– but how do you know when it’s serious enough to see […]