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Help! I Chipped, Cracked or Broke a Tooth Playing Sports in Cary, NC

Posted on July 27th, 2015

woman with mouth pain after playing sportsWhile sports are a great way to stay active and healthy, they can be dangerous to your oral health if you don’t take proper precautions, such as the customizable PlaySafe mouthguards from Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Accidents, however, can certainly still occur, especially in the form of a rogue puck, ball or stick to the mouth. When they do, there is no better choice for oral treatment than with the affordable dental care professionals at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Cary, NC.

Pain levels aside, chipped, cracked or broken teeth may be more serious than a lot of people make them out to be. They can drastically change your overall look, and may ultimately result in tooth replacement. In some cases, nerve damage can also occur, depending on the level of oral trauma. In the instance that you or your child damages a tooth, don’t panic! Our dentists can provide the following treatments from our dental care facilities in Cary:

  • Dental bonding. Ideal for minor chips or cracks, as well as tooth decay, our dental bonding procedure includes the dentist applying a layer of resin to your teeth, covering the damage with a smooth, unnoticeable surface.
  • Porcelain veneers. A veneer refers to a thin cap that is placed over your tooth, concealing any imperfections. Our Cary dental team will take a sample of enamel to ensure that it exactly matches the shade of your existing teeth, as well as size and shape.
  • Dental implant. In the instance that a tooth is drastically injured or broken, a root canal or extraction may be necessary. Considered to be a long-term oral solution, implants replace teeth that have been lost or removed, and are customized to fit your mouth and jaw.

Repair Damaged Teeth at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

When you chip, crack or break a tooth, protect your mouth as much as possible, and then call the dental care experts at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at 919.859.1330 to request a consultation. You can also visit our contact page to learn more and to submit an online request for an appointment.


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