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A Straighter Smile is Just a Few Trays Away at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted on May 11th, 2015

Clear, customized dental traysA smile is one of the most expressive ways of showing that you’re happy –– but if you aren’t happy with the way your smile looks, you may not want to show it as much. Teeth issues that get ignored as a child, such as an overbite or spacing, can be a detriment to your confidence as a teenager or adult.

Invisalign® from Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can help fix those issues for you. Best used in cases of overbites, underbites, crossbites or tooth crowding, Invisalign is a set of clear, customized trays that are virtually invisible and can be removed for meals. This means our Cary, NC Invisalign services are perfect for teens and adults who want a less invasive approach to a straighter smile.

Here are some benefits you’ll receive when you choose Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for your Invisalign needs in Cary:

  • A smooth smile. Invisalign works to straighten your teeth through sets of customized, clear trays. That means avoiding uncomfortable metal brackets that normally come with traditional braces.
  • More free time. At Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, our Invisalign only requires office visits every four to six weeks, which means less time spent in a doctor’s waiting room.
  • Affordability. The innovative Invisalign techniques may seem like they’d break the bank, but they’re just as affordable as traditional braces.

Make Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Your Invisalign Provider Today!

Don’t be afraid to show off your smile. Use the Invisalign services at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Cary to straighten your teeth or fix that overbite, and get back to feeling confident about your smile. Check out our smile gallery to see how we were able to help previous patients with similar complaints and then give us a call at (919) 859-1330 to schedule your Invisalign appointment.

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